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( Filed Issue Reports are below. )

Here is a very basic, and somewhat ad hoc issue reporting mechanism for JASigning. If there proves to be a much greater flood of traffic here than seems likely at present, then we'll consider replacing this by something more formal and sophisticated.

If you want to report any kind of issue -- bug, feature request, etc. -- with the JASigning software, please do so by editing this page to create a new copy of the JASigning Issue Report template table below, and by then entering the appropriate text into the appropriate fields.

Note that you need to create an account on the Wiki to be able to edit this page.

This is the master template: please do not edit it directly.
Instead, please make a copy and insert the details of your issue report in the new copy.

JASigning Issue Report
Issue Id: (to be assigned by JASigning maintainer)
Date of Report: (insert date of report here)
Name and E-Mail: (insert name and e-mail address of reporter here)
Description of Issue:
(insert whatever you want to say about your issue here)

If the description is lengthy, feel free to put it on a separate newly created page, just putting a link to that page here.

Date of Response: (for JASigning maintainer)
JASigning Maintainer's Response: (for JASigning maintainer)
Resolution Status: (for JASigning maintainer, subject to agreement with the original reporter)


New Issue Reports

(Insert your new issue report below here by copying and editing the template above)

Filed Issue Reports