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JASigning Local Installation

The JASigning software supports web pages containing interactive virtual signing. Such web pages use a release of the software hosted on the same server as the pages themselves. In order to support development of new web pages, for evaluation or individual research, a release of the software, along with some example pages, is provided as ZIP archives:

The files in should be extracted and the jas folder and contents placed so it is served from the root of the local webserver. Hence http://localhost/jas/095s should provide access to a local version of the standard JASigning installation, but with a limited number of avatars.

The files in should be extracted in the same way and the BSLExamples folder placed at the root, and the examples can be viewed from http://localhost/BSLExamples. In fact the examples site can be renamed and placed at any other location on the local web server as long as the paths constructed by the startPlayer function in appletframe.html are adjusted to match the chosen location for SiGML files.

Note: The installation does not rely on any special functionality of the web server, which is only required to deliver static content. However, web servers (such as IIS) may need some configuration in order to serve files with extensions such as .jnlp, .properties, and .sigml. Examination of server logs should reveal whether pages are being blocked or not.

For enquires about public and commercial use of the software and the virtual characters Anna and Marc, please email

Home >> JASigning