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Core Software : JavaScript

Web Applications : HTML5 JavaScript and WebGL

The core JASigning software is implemented in HTML5 using JavaScript and WebGL. It functions on OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, and some Android devices. It may work on other platforms. Linux usage has been tested only on Ubuntu at present.


JASigning WebGL software should work with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari.


JASigning WebGL software should work with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Internet Explorer.


JASigning WebGL software should work with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Chromium, and Vivaldi.


JASigning WebGL software should work with Safari.

Standalone Applications : Node.js and Electron

Applications based on the HTML5 JavaScript and WebGL implementation can be installed on OS X, Windows, and Linux. Linux usage has been tested only on Ubuntu. Experience of use on other versions would be welcomed.

In addition to being able to animate SiGML data provided as text or via a URL, the applications act as a server, receiving SiGML data from any host on port 8052. See Consfiguring. A suitable client program is available as a Java Web Start application. Alternatively, on Unix systems, including OS X and Linux, the command nc localhost 8052 < mySigns.sigml will send SiGML data to the application.


The software is provided in a Disk Image via a .dmg file. The image should be mounted and the application copied to disk. Security preferences may prevent the application being opened immediately because they do not come from the App Store or an identified developer. To run blocked applications it is necessary to open them by double-clicking with the control-key down or by right-clicking and choosing Open. On future occasions the software should launch normally.


The software is provided as an executable .exe file that can be run to install and launch the software. A shortcut to the application will then be placed on the desktop.


The software is provided in an application image .AppImage file which is program that will install the software. The downloaded application image file must be made executable and then run. This may be done by right-clicking the file, selecting Properties, selecting the Permissions tab, and choosing to allow executing the file as program. Alternatively, the command chmod +x SiGML-Player.AppImage can be entered in a shell.

Legacy Software : Java

Java Web Start

Legacy JASigning applications and applets are launched using Java Web Start through Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP) files. The use of JNLP files for applets is deprecated in modern browsers so the software can only be used in excetional circumstabces. See JASigning Platform Issues for further details.

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