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A number of tools are available for creating and editing SiGML data to represent signing gestures. As SiGML is based on HamNoSys, many of these allow entry using the HamNoSys Unicode font.


The CWASA SiGML Player animates SiGML data sent to it over TCP sockets. See XXX. The application, or the legacy JASigning SiGML Service Player, can be used in conjunction with the JASigning SiGML Service Client and other SiGML Tools mentioned below.


HamNoSys Unicode font as a TrueType font that should be installed in the usual way on systems using HamNoSys.

JASigning SiGML Service Client

Displays and allows Editing of SiGML files in conjunction with a SiGML Player.

Ham2HPSG Tool

  • Mac and PC tool for entering HamNoSys.
  • Sends SiGML data to a SiGML Player.
  • "..." button brings up HamNoSys entry panels.
  • Down Arrow button prepares HamNoSys for animation.
  • "V!" button sends data to player.
  • Limited documentation in Ham2HPSG ReadMe.txt file.
  • Download Ham2HPSG Tool.

eSIGN Editor

The eSIGN Editor was developed for the eSIGN project at the IDGS, University of Hamburg. See DGS Corpus project for contacts with the authors of this tool.

  • Mac and PC tool for creating SiGML signs.
  • Maintains a database of signs in HamNoSys notation.
  • Allows creation and modification of signing sequences.
  • Allows animation of signing sequences using a SiGML Player.
  • Limited documentation through Editor Manual.
  • A Windows Installer for an older version exists.
    • The installer creates Shortcuts and Start Menu items.
    • It appears safe to replace installed files with newer ones from eSIGN Editor Zip.
    • The PC application must be renamed for the shortcuts to work.
  • Download eSIGN Editor.

Manual HamNoSys/SiGML Conversion Tools

Ralph Elliott has produced some simple tools to convert different forms of manual HamNoSys, and to do a bit of related SiGML processing. They are limited in various ways, but they could be useful to others:

  • Executables, source code and Javadoc, Java classes plus shell and Python scripts.
    Includes a README file explaining roughly what's on offer and how to use it.
    Original 2010-11-05, Updated 2010-12-07, 2011-01-19 and 2011-04-12.

If you want to do some conversion not provided by these tools, you're welcome to modify them to suit your needs, but in some cases it may prove easier to augment them by writing a suitable bit of python or perl. We request that you share any tools developed from this package in the same way.

The HNS characters, their ham..names and the numeric encodings used for them can be seen using this HNS Table App. To run it, double-click its jar file after downloading.