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CWASA Software

The CWA Signing Avatars software (CWASA) animates natural sign language in web browsers using HTML5, JavaScript, and WebGL. Some example web pages are given in the CWASA release. CWASA applications are also provided for leading operating systems.

CWASA is hosted on a web server at UEA, giving access to the resources used by the example pages. No warranty is given for the performance of the software or the UEA Server.

The CWASA Release Notes provide some documentation of current and legacy releases.

CWASA Conditions of Use and Licensing

The CWASA software is Copyright UEA (2005-2021). It includes script files, configuration files, avatar definitions, signing notation files, and example web pages.

The CWASA example web pages are covered by the Creative Commons BY-SA licence. This allows development of new pages for personal, public, and commercial purposes. The underlying CWASA software must be used without modification, on terms equivalent to Creative Commons BY-ND

For enquiries about commercial support of the software, including customisation for corporate use and licensing of additional avatars, please contact

Development of the CWASA software was supported by the EU Framework 7 project Dicta-Sign FP7-ICT-3-231135.

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