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JASigning Issue Report
Issue Id: 2010-03-000
Date of Report: 02 March 2010
Name and E-Mail: basmah ,
Description of Issue:
1- Is there a grafical interface for the editor or not? if not can I use eSign editor with mark avatar?

2- how to add Mark avatar to a web page.

Date of Response: 2010-03-05
JASigning Maintainer's Response: (1) Re Graphical Interface To the Editor: I'm not sure what you mean here. The editor has a graphical rather than a command line user interface. But if you mean "Does the editor directly use the avatar?", then the answer is "No". Once you have created a HamNoSys/SiGML sequence you can get any of the available avatars, including Marc, to perform it, via software such as the SiGML Service Player in JASigning.

(2) To deploy our signing avatar system on your own web site, rather than using the Applications and Applet made available via ours, you would need to negotiate with us, initially by e-mail ([1]). To support this requires work on our part, so if you really wished to do it we would usually expect payment, either in money or "in kind".

Resolution Status: Provisionally resolved, pending confirmation from the submitter.