Issue Report VH-2010-03-001

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JASigning Issue Report
Issue Id: 2010-03-001
Date of Report: 5 March 2010
Name and E-Mail: Basmah,
Description of Issue:

1- how much JASigning cost ? is there triel version that can be used to test before buying it.

2- an error message send to me when I tried to contact you on your e-mail this message said: You are not allowed to post to this mailing list, and your message has been automatically rejected. If you think that your messages are being rejected in error, contact the mailing list owner at

so how can we contact you ?

Date of Response: 2010-03-08
JASigning Maintainer's Response: 1- JASigning is available for free for evaluation. The cost for commercial use depends on how the software will be used and the level of support required.

2- The email list is functioning now.

Resolution Status: Resolved, subject to agreement with the original reporter