Passing Arguments to JASigning Apps

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This page describes how to pass arguments to SiGML Player apps.

Launching SiGML Player Apps using javaws

Java Web Start will be launched when opening the .jnlp files for SiGML Player apps. Alternatively, the command javaws can be used in the folder containing the .jnlp file with a command such as:

javaws SiGMLURLApp.jnlp

Providing Settings to SiGML Player Apps using javaws

When javaws is called with no extra arguments, the app is provided with arguments from the .jnlp file. Alternatively, the -open argument can be used to provide the arguments. For the standard distribution, the following settings are equivalent to the example above:

javaws  -open "JASiGMLURLApp -ja.version.tag=095s -ja.remote.base.url=" SiGMLURLApp.jnlp

Other JASigning settings can be provided. As an example, the additional parameter -sigml.file can be used to set the SiGML URL Player to read from a different file:

javaws  -open "JASiGMLURLApp -ja.version.tag=095s -ja.remote.base.url=... -sigml.file=welkom-ngt.sigml" SiGMLURLApp.jnlp

It is necessary to include the standard parameters, however, since the arguments from the .jnlp file are overridden.

Home > JASigning