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CWA Signing Avatars Release Notes

From 2021 the standard Open CWASA release, found at, allows personal, public, and commercial use of the software when accessed, unmodified, from the UEA server. See Conditions of Use.

These notes, and the notes for JASigning, include Legacy releases with additional avatars and earlier deprecated JASigning resources. There is also a Development release containing components that cannot be guaranteed to be stable and should only be used for evaluation.

See CWASA for other resources and documentation, including the CWASA Local Installation, a version that can be installed on a localhost web server for evaluation.

Users are welcome to provide feedback via the Issue Reporting page. Documentation of the system is a work in progress so please send questions and comments to so that we can update these pages.

Table of Contents

CWASA Release Notes

All JASigning releases before 2021 are available only for evaluation and research, as for the current Legacy and Development releases. The Standard Version is an Open Release which will be based on a Legacy Release. The Development Version is a Development Release, potentially containing experimental features.

CWASA 2021

CWASA 2021 (Standard Version)

Open Release found at

This release is based on the Legacy Release CWASA 2021b.

CWASA 2021z (Development Version)

Development Release found at

This release is based on the Legacy Release CWASA 2021b.

Users are encouraged to try the development release and report any issues encountered.

CWASA 2021b (2021-01)

Legacy Release found at

These are the main differences between this version and CWASA 2021a:

  • Rearranged build process for Open, Legacy, and Development releases

CWASA 2021a (2021-01)

Release found at

This version is the same as JASigning 2020c.

JASigning Release Notes

See JASigning Release Notes for information on earlier legacy releases.

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