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CWA Signing Avatars

CWASA is the virtual signing software developed at UEA that uses 3D virtual characters to perform signs in the natural deaf sign languages used in different countries. The software converts a representation of a sign in SiGML, an XML format based on HamNoSys notation, into animation data for a signing avatar using 3D realtime graphics technology.

This page provides links to a number of interactive demos of the software. The demos will automatically download the CWASA software on demand.

CWASA is based on JavaScript, HTML5, and WebGL and is a development of JASigning that was based on Java. Several legacy JASigning Demos are available.


  • BSL Examples: A range of British Sign Language (BSL) signs and phrases are animated using the JASigning applet. This site was developed by Theodore Jones, City of Norwich School, during time spent on Year 10 work experience at School of Computing Sciences, UEA in July 2010.