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JASigning is the virtual signing software developed at UEA that uses 3D virtual characters to perform signs in the natural deaf sign languages used in different countries. The software converts a representation of a sign in SiGML, an XML format based on HamNoSys notation, into animation data for a signing avatar using 3D realtime graphics technology.

This page provides links to a number of interactive demos of the software. The demos will automatically download the JASigning software on demand. Some movies of the animations produced by the software show the range of avatars used and the style of the virtual signing.

The distribution of the software enables JASigning Java applications to be downloaded and a number of SiGML Tools support creation of signed content for use with the software.


  • BSL Examples: A range of British Sign Language (BSL) signs and phrases are animated using the JASigning applet. This site was developed by Theodore Jones, City of Norwich School, during time spent on Year 10 work experience at School of Computing Sciences, UEA in July 2010.
  • Dicta-Sign Lexicon: Presents the animations and movies for the Basic Lexicon of the Dicta-Sign project. Approximately 1000 signs are available in four national sign languages: BSL (Britain), DGS (Germany), GSL (Greece) and LSF (France).
  • Sign-Wiki: Prototype Web 2.0 Sign language Wiki system developed by the Dicta-Sign project using Django, JQuery, and JASigning. Work in progress!
  • LinguaSign Dictionary: Demonstrates to the signing gestures used by the LinguaSign project. These signs are combined with speech to reinforce Primary Foreign Language learning. DVDs of the materials are available via the LinguaSign Site.


  • Welkom: Welcome to virtual signing in Dutch Sign Language (NGT).
    • Avatar Francoise: developed within the Dicta-Sign project in collaboration with LIMSI, CNRS.
    • Demonstrates the range and style of signing gestures and facial expressions supported by the software.
  • LinguaSign Samples: Examples from the LinguaSign language learning resources.
    • Avatars Luna and Siggi: developed for the language learning resources LinguaSign in collaboration with Testaluna.
    • Signing technology combined with lip-sync speech technology for Primary Foreign Language learning support.
    • An example of how a speech and signing clip is built up is at luna-demo.mov or luna-demo.wmv.

JASigning Technology

  • JASigning: Standard avatar signing distribution.
    • Java applications installed using JNLP files: PC and Mac.
      • SiGML URL Player: Performs signing based on SiGML in a file or via other URL.
      • SiGML Service Player: Acts as server to perform SiGML data sent by client applications.
    • Java applets download automatically in web pages using JNLP files: PC and Mac.
      • Perform signing interactively under JavaScript control.

SiGML Tools

  • SiGML Tools support SiGML content creation using JASigning SiGML Service Player application.
    • JASigning SiGML Service Client application: Displays contents of SiGML files and plays them via SiGML Service Player.
    • Ham2HPSG Tool: Allows editing and animation of signs in HamNoSys notation via SiGML Service Player.
    • eSIGN Editor: Maintains a database of HamNoSys signs and allows construction of signing sequences and documents.